Gunsmithing and

Gun Cleaning 

Gun Cleaning

Have us clean and look over your firearm. The fee for a basic cleaning starts at $85

We also offer rust removal for your firearms. Cost varies depending on severity. 


We offer light to moderate gunsmithing. Please call us or come by Tuesday through Saturday to speak to our gunsmith in person for more details.


We can transfer firearms between two people. Both people must bring in a California Driver's License. A background check will be run on the person purchasing the firearm and they must also bring in a second document as proof of residence. Documents that will be accepted as proof of residence include: DMV Auto or boat Registration, Local water bill, mortgage, or lease.  The firearm will be held in storage at our store during the 10 day wait period while the background check is ran. The fee for a private party transfer is $35.


When you buy a firearm online, you will need to have it sent to a local FFL for you to do your state mandated background check.  The fee for having a firearm sent to our store is $75, and $50 for each additional firearm included in the same order (Must be in the same package box).  The background check is $25.